Recently news was confimed by Producer Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution that the Tyra Show was going to be Cancelled and would not be getting another season on air. Tyra had been tweeting and also made a Post to her site stating that the decision to cut the show was all based on her "personal decisions". Tyra also went on to say, "The Tyra show is not leaving because of YOU (the fans).... most times a show leaves the air because not many people are watching. Well, you all ARE watching, in record numbers." Tyra seems to be working on bigger and better things such as her film production company and developing future projects. HOWEVER many speculations have been circulating that the reason for the show being cancelled was not a "personal" descision but CW says the ratings are not good enough but there will be a season of re-runs for those of you who were passionate about watching the show. PERSONALLY i really did not tune into Tyra's show simply because i felt the topics she explored were a bit shallow... basic... as deep as a "Kiddie Pool". I wasnt interested enough, and many people have agreed with me on this one, to sit and watch her for an hour wasnt worth it. I can count the amount of times i've actually tunned in. On another note, we also recently learned that OPRAH, the daytime talk show Queen, would be ending her show in the 2010-2011 season. Heart Breaking news for not only me, but her millions of viewers. *tear*
BUT for those of you who were a fan of the Tyra show... im sorry for your loss.

SO WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Did Tyra Deserve another Season???

P.P <3

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