1. Have a starter SALAD or maybe some raw Veges before each meal. This will help you to curb your appetite. Dont forget the Low fat Dressing!

2. Have a Cold Glass of Water before every meal!
OR you can always enjoy a broth-based soup before the main course.

3. Watch out for PORTION SIZES. I find it best to take half your meal to go when visiting a resteraunt due to the simple fact that they almost always serve huge portions of food. One of the simple reasons some people OVEREAT is because the food is right there in front of them. It may be ONE plate, but sometimes that ONE plate contains enough servings for 3 people. So ask your waitress for that to-go container and cut that meal in half!

4. KEEP BUSY by ingaging in activities and always excercise. When you are busy you take your mind off of food and you cut out the chances of "Eating when you are bored"

5. This is a big one for us women.... DO NOT EAT YOUR EMOTIONS!! if you are stressed out and having issues, which we all can relate to, Try talking to someone close to you instead of indulging in that Triple Chocolate cake. And when that "time of the month" rolls around, try snacking on sweet fruits to cut those extra calories! My favourite is Pineapples.

My Personal Note to You:

Alot of us have New years resolutions and personally, most of my closest family members and friends have been mentiong that they're aiming for a healthier living for 20-10. I myself have been trying so hard to get into shape and im definitely working towards better eating habits which is a goal i had set way before the new year and it has not been easy for me to count those calories. Today for Dinner I had a Salad, a Plain Crossant with a side of WATER! YAYYY me! i think im making improvemets but my major struggle is "Not eating after 7pm." On another note, I dont believe that changes should only be made when a new year comes around and im simply not big on the whole "new years resolutions" stuff but i feel people do use the New Year as a Motivation to make New steps towards success in their lives and nothing is wrong with that. I've been taught that when a change needs to be made that will be beneficial to you or your loved ones you should take charge and make the initiative to do so right away. Fabulous women always take charge of their lives! Once you have identified an issue, make a plan, set goals, and move towards a better you! Whatever you feel will boost your passion for life and build up your confidence level is what you should strive for. There is nothing more attractive than a women who carries herself with Confidence!

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