I recently went out and Bought The Michael Buble and Alicia Keys album at HMV for 10 bucks each and i must say they were well worth every single penny. It was the best $20.00 ive ever Spent. Usually when i go out and purchase albums, lately, i find myself only listening to maybe 4 songs. Buble and Keys have produced what i consider "Good Music".

The Alicia Keys "Element of Freedom" album is simply amazing.
Everyday i wake up to start my day the first thing i do is hit Play on my player to tune into the sweet sounds ok A.K. I am a huge fan of soulful music, music that touches my soul and soothes my mind, and Alicia keys has a voice that gives me goose bumps. My Favourite tracks on the album is "Wait Til You See my Smile" and "Thats How Strong my Love is". The track that i find myself skipping over is "Put It in a Love Song". This song hasnt really grown on me, surprisingly, considering the fact that I AM a Beyonce Stan.
I would have to say my all time favourite A.K album is without a doubt "Diary" but this album stands right behind it.
So if you havent gone out and purchased "The Element of Freedom" i highly recommend.

Michael Buble's "Cray love" is currently my favourite album, it simply soothes my soul. It takes you away from stress and has amazing Collaborations with Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, Naturally 7, and Ron Sexsmith, which add a touch of magic. When i listen to this CD i cant help but Smile. My favourite Songs on the album are "Crazy Love" and "I Just Havent Met you Yet". This Cd plays right through and takes me to heaven every single time. I AM crazy in love with Buble and i cant wait to see him live!

P.P <3

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