I still Love my French Manicure/Pedicure Nails. Once in a Blue moon ill try something different but i MAINLY stick to my classic nails. Maybe because of the fact that i am not in love with my hands, i have dark hands like my mother, i prefer to keep my nails simple and clean at all times. I remeber about 2 summers ago when i sported "Nail Designs" maybe 3 times but they were simple desings.... and now when i see these girls with what i consider "Ghetto Nails" I just SMH. NOW... when i say "Ghetto Nails" I mean 10 Fingers, sometimes 10 colours, and 10 different Patterns, and not to mention the Length. I dont no how some girls Cook and clean with their nails. I mean im not against Patterns and Funky colours but sometimes depending on the pattern itself and the amount of colours you put on ONE nail i think its a bit to crowded. I always think SIMPLE is best.

PEOPLE did a recent "Nailed it!" Edition on Celeb Mani-Pedi Snapshots that the stars recently tweeted...

CASSIE is Pretty in Pink


JORDIN SPARKS... Pac Man inspired Manicure.

KATTY PERRY .. Metalic nails with a custom design of her cat.

So what do you think???? I honestly feel JORDIN SPARKS and COURTNEY have way to much going on... Very interesting.

SIMPLE is always best in my opinion.

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