Dealing with "that time of the month" is nothing we enjoy and some of the remedies I find most helpful are drinking ginger tea, taking warm baths to soothe the body, laying in a fetal position, and heating pads. It can be hard but always remember to eat! I was reading online that keeping food in our tummys helps the body to put more energy towards digesting rather than cramping.  Caffeine, dairy products, salt, and sugar can increase the possibility and severity of cramps according to Of course every womans body is different, we all go through that trial and error process when testing out different rememdies, but its always great to excersise options other than swallowing all those pain killers...

PINEAPPLE JUICE also helps relieve menstrual Cramps due to the fact that it is a source of bromelain - an enzyme that relaxes muscles. THATS RIGHT LADIES! Try it, it may work for you.


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