Interestingly enough TY from THE REAL WORLD DC just irritated me today after watching the show. I cant begin to express how upset he was getting me when i was watching todays episode while the cast members were having a "Religious Debate". TY was Passing comments like "God Wasnt born from a F***ing Virgin", "People who are religious, who are christians, are so stuck in themselves", and telling other cast members to say "They Dont Believe in GOD". . Ummmm if declaring my faith in GOD means "im stuck in myself" then i'm Glad!. DONT GET ME WRONG, I understand that everyone is entitiled to their own opinions and beliefs, but what put me on edge was mainly his sheer display of IGNORANCE. The way he was insulting and attacking people wasnt acceptable at all, yelling and trying to intimidate people . No one has the right to inflict their beliefs on others. I don't see myself tunning into this show after today, simply not my cup of tea. Ill leave it at that.

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