Colossal Volum' Express Mascara by Maybeline is my Favorite Mascara. I bought the "Great Lash" Mascara by Maybelline as well just 2 weeks ago but when I tested out the Colosal Mascara I had to do an instant switch. I choose this Mascara because it gives me Bold thick lashes without all the clumps which is what im always looking for. I also Love the Dior Mascara but this one is easier on my wallet.
 My Beauty tip for achieving bolder lashes: Apply your mascara from the root to the tips, try two or three coats but dont let the mascara dry between coats to avoid clumping, and always choose the "Blackest Black". 

This was recommended to me by a Friend. Dont you hate when you get home from a Long night out and you have to remove your Eyemakeup? All that Black Mascara running down your eyes!!! I hate it. Even on those nights when I take my time to wash away my makeup the heavy mascara is the hardest to remove. Expert Eyes by Maybelline is Great... It does the Job well and its 100% oil free.
My Beauty Tip: When using this Eye Makeup remover Make sure you damp your cotton Ball with a little water first. If you dont have Eye makeup removers what I used to do before when I didnt have any was use a cotton ball and dip it in a little Vaseline then gently clean under and around the eyes. It work like Magic.

This Perfume was actually a Gift to me and its my Favorite Scent at the moment, im always switching it up when it comes to my perfumes. "Lovely" is a combination of amber and powdery notes and I just love the fact that its so soft and romantic.
My Beauty Tip: Perfume Lasts longer when applied to Oily Skin so If you have Dry Skin use a scent free moisturizer first before spraying. Its best to buy the scented Body Lotion to go with your perfume for stronger and longer lasting scents. Do not rub your writsts together after sparying your perfume! This wipes out its effect and its a common mistake we all make.

I always have a MAC Gloss in my Makeup case and my most recent Purchase was the "Oyster Girl" Lipglass. I love the Color tint its natural, nothing to bold.
My Beauty Tip: Its always nice to apply a layer of lip gloss over your matte lipstick to get a more glossy finish which is what i prefer. Choose tones that match you skin color for a better finish.

This nail polish is from Sephora by OPI and its called "Metro Chic" It goes well with all skin tones because its a pretty neutral colour. I would describe it as a smoky greyish-purple and it goes well with EVERYTHING!!! I love this color!
My Beauty Tip: Before applying Polish it's always best to Clean, shape, and apply a base coat to the Nails. For best results apply several thin layers or polish instead of one thick coat but make sure you let each coat dry before applying the next. And always apply a Top Coat for a more glossy finish!

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