I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW HOW MANY WOMEN WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED A "ONE NIGHT STAND" ARE STILL WITH THAT MAN? I was actually reading an article today which was discussing "What men really think about one night stands" and its pretty interesting that many women really feel in their hearts that going to bed with a man on the first night is a jump start to a possible relationship and the possibility of him falling in love *Blank Stare* My opinion, He may fall in love with "the sex" but not with you. If you are looking for love the last thing on your agenda should be going to bed with a complete stranger and loosing respect for yourself as a woman. You probably dont even know his last name, vice versa. Be aware of the men who will say and do anything to get with you! REAL WOMEN no that talk is cheap and not even a bottle of the most expensive Champagne from the bar is a ticket to one night of pleasure! Its all about knowing your worth and what is important to you. On the other hand the article also mentioned the fact that not ALL women go to bed to find love, some of them actually just do it for fun *Blank Stare* These are the women who just love sex when and where ever they want it. Some of them are single and just recently broke up with an X or are just in a rocky relationship and want a temporary fix or are looking for revenge. Not to mention the women who are in serious relationships and are just not "Satisfied" with their sex lives. I mean whatever happened to Communication? If you dont feel you are getting everything you need maybe you should sit down and talk to your partner about it!...NOW i'm not trying to judge anyone, HEY DO YOU, i'm just putting in my 2 cents and giving my opinion. Personally i'm anti-one-night-stand and i feel Women need to respect themselves first if they want a man to respect them at all!


  1. I like your blog a lot but I made out with my bf the first night I met him, *Blank Stare* and we've been together for six years *Blank Stare*. So I say you never know what can happen in life! Oh, and I actually DO believe he loves me. I know, I know, *Blank Stare*. I wouldn't recommend it, but I wouldn't rule it out either.

  2. Thanks So much! I appreciate the love as a new blogger. Im referring to One night stands and how Some of the time women rush to bed on the first night for the wrong reasons and some just for fun. I mean for some Women, One night Stands are a NO NO and i'm one of those women. But again, i'm not trying to pass judgement, to each his own. Hey if you go to bed on the first night it is a personal decision. This is my response to an article and just an opinion.
    I wish you all the best with your relationship!!!

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