I know how much we enjoy our cocktails ladies but if you are trying to stay true to your diet and watch your calorie count those cocktails and mixed drinks can be dangerous when you are trying to drop a couple pounds. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH YOUR CHOICE OF DRINK!  I have been trying to maintain more  healthy eating habits and stay true to my diet plan for a little while now and its been a BIG challenge for me!!!  So heres a few tips to help cut the calories when drinking socially that i have found helpful as well.

Try Having a Glass of RED OR WHITE WINE (5 ounces) which is about a total of 100 Calories as your choice of drink. The good thing about a glass of wine is that we tend to sip it slowly which means consuming less ounces and cutting back on calories of course. If wine just doesnt cut it for you try a 3 ounce COSMO! I personally enjoy Cosmos. This 3 ounce Cocktail contains about 165 Calories. OR you can even have GIN AND TONIC if that floats your boat. 8 ounces will only contain less than 176 Calories which beats a Long Island Ice Tea which has 780 Calories! If you really dont mind a LIGHT BEER, I do not drink beer personally, that would be a good choice as well. 12 oz contain aprox. 98-136 Calories. "THE BEST SINGLE RULE FOR SMART DIET DRINKING IS TO MAKE EVERY SECOND DRINK A GLASS OF WATER"  Heres the thing ladies, In a "Social Setting" we tend to feel awkward when we have nothing in our hands so we tend to overindulge to keep up with the crowd, this can be a problem when you are trying to loose weight and cut back on those calories. Try sipping some water instead and you wont feel empty-handed. This a healthier choice and this way you prevent hangovers as well. "Avoid dessert cocktails that contain sugared rims, chocolate sauce, hot buttered rum and other sweet touches."

Hope that helps!


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